PROGRAMME - 26th April 2019

Welcome: An introduction from Air Cargo News

Supply and demand - the challenge for airlines

Keynote speaker: 
Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, Lufthansa Cargo


Peter Gerber has been the chairman of the executive board and chief executive of Lufthansa Cargo since May 2014, having started his career with Lufthansa in 1992 in human resources and legal department.

As of 1997, he was the manager responsible for the area of corporate settlement, fees and charges and between June 2001 and 2004 Gerber was appointed project manager responsible for the group-wide result safeguarding programme “D-Check”.

From June 2003 to August 2011, Gerber was responsible at Lufthansa for the “Air Transport Initiative for Germany”. Additionally, he was responsible for strategic corporate development in 2004. From December 2004 to May 2009, Gerber took over corporate industrial relations and social security departments for the Lufthansa Group and was appointed to the executive board of Lufthansa Cargo with responsibility for finance and human resources in June 2009.

Market update: Is the air cargo boom coming to an end?

  • Global air trade has seen recent growth between 2016-2018, but is it sustainable?
  • Changing landscape in cargo capacity supply
  • Insights into shorter term air freight forecast


Marco Bloeman, Managing Director, Seabury Consulting

E-commerce: A Pandora’s Box or White Knight for airlines?                     

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Panel discussion -   

  • Can traditional air cargo handle e-commerce? 
  • How do carriers need to adapt to meet the needs of e-commerce?
  • Air cargo supply chain stability and reliability in a volatile world, what are the lessons?
  • Can Amazon go it alone, will others follow?


Fatih Ciğal, Senior Vice President, Cargo Marketing, Turkish Airlines

Ross Marino, Senior Vice President – International Airport Operations, dnata

Brendan Sullivan, Head of eCommerce and Cargo Operations, IATA


Brexit: The challenges and opportunities for airfreight 

Speaker and Q&A session:
James Hookham, Deputy Chief Executive, FTA

Airports, airlines, and ground handlers: Talking the same language or lost in translation?

Panel discussion

  • A hub or a home: Are slot constrained mega airports losing freighters to niche and nimble hubs?
  • Do major airports really want freighters, or do they prefer low cost carriers?


Nick Platts, Head of Cargo, Heathrow Airport Limited

Steven Verhasselt, Vice President Commercial, Liege Airport

Steven Polmans, Head of Cargo, Brussels Airport

Freight forwarders: The challenge of digital start-ups and facing capacity constraints

Panel discussion

  • Experience and scale versus tech heavy and asset-lite
  • Can air cargo logistics be reduced to a cost comparison site
  • Why are forwarders chartering their own freighters, more to come?


Boris Pernet, Chief Executive, Upply

Moritz Claussen, Co-Founder,

Jan van Casteren, Vice President, Flexport

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The expansion of Heathrow provides SEGRO with the fantastic opportunity to deliver world class facilities for cargo and freight handling, both in terms of quantity, quality and efficiency, that will enhance the productivity of its customer base and the wider air cargo supply chain.